Letting it all go

On a dinner cruise through our Alzheimer's Support Group.

Dinner Cruise provided through our Alzheimer’s Support Group, 2012.

It is night and the house is quiet.  Except for me and my normal night time activities.  These include searching the web for something to occupy my mind, songs I have on iTunes, or the news.

I usually end up crying.  Sobbing.  When I listen to songs, they make me emotional and bring out my inner fears and the tears. At this point I don’t play my work out songs, I play the songs that bring out the sadness. Right now the latest by Pink, Rihanna, All things Adele, and a few by Train do the trick. There are many to choose from. Replay.

All pressures from my work day are evaporated.  Pressures from taking care of the house, Jim, the kids and life are there, but released. I let it all go through each tear.

That’s ok.  I let it out. Jim is long asleep.  The kids are asleep and it’s what I need to do. Even though I was soooo tired a few hours ago, I get wide awake and can’t even think of going to sleep.

I have my own time to let it all go, to accept what is happening, to process what is coming and to cry and feel sorry for myself.  This is my time.  I get it one time a day, sometimes.

I will take it and use it to the best of my ability.  All I need is a good song, some privacy and the ability to let it all go.


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  1. Mary says:

    Here’s a song that may resonate – “From Where You Are” by Lifehouse

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