Need a good book?


This morning I was working at the dining room table as Brad was making his lunch. As I worked, he organized his crackers and carrots and we proceeded to discuss a wide range of topics.

Yesterday was election day and as always, we voted. Another perk of our neighborhood is the fact we can walk to our polling station and it doubles as our public library. Jim, Brad and I had driven over so I could leave from there to go to work and they could walk home. I love walking in the Fall with all of the leaves on the ground and swirling in the air as they release themselves from the branches. But I digress….. Jim and Brad stayed for a bit at the library and Brad picked out a movie on the demise of the Indian Tigers and 4 books. One of the books, The Disease Book; A Kids’ Guide, I found very telling. Did Brad choose this book to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease or is he all of a sudden interested in Schizophrenia and Tonsillitis? A small inkling of worry had crept into my mind last night when I had gotten home late and seen the book sitting on the table.  I had meant to take a quick peek inside the covers, but I started watching results from the election and never did.

Back to this morning. Brad tells me about this book and asks me to read the part about Alzheimer’s Disease. It is a short bit under “Disorders of the Nervous System”.  I start to read without proofreading first. Smart Karen,really smart. “Alzheimer’s disease has been called the cruelest disease that humans have ever faced, for it gradually destroys the brain. Simple bouts of forgetfulness may be the beginning, but the ending is always the same.”

I read the very first sentence and stopped. Suddenly, I had this terrible mommy moment; knot in my stomach, light headed and a small bout of queasiness. I quickly decided that we did not need to read anymore. Brad seemed a little confused on why I stopped.  All of a sudden we were running a late and he needed to finish his lunch and I needed to get my work done.


I think I would have rather read the parts on STDs or PMS with him.

Sometimes I am just not sure I am ready for this. For all of this that we, as a family, are going to go through. Obviously, my 9 year old son is looking for information and answers. I am just not wanting to hear the answers myself, let alone speak them out loud to him.

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