Ride Rona, Ride

Rona and Jim throwing out the first pitch of the Peninsula Pilots ball game, Aug. 2013.

Rona and Jim throwing out the first pitch of the Peninsula Pilots ball game, Aug. 2013.

This world is full of amazing people. I am thankful each and every day when I am blessed to be associated with such incredible people. I love hearing their stories and learning new things from their escapades. I also get inspired and pushed forward and lifted up. There is one such lady who is just simply remarkable.

Her name is Rona Altschuler. She is the Alzheimer’s Association Southeastern Virginia Peninsula Walk Chair. She is also a new friend of mine. She is a wife and a sister. She is a mother. She is a dental hygienist. She is also a daughter who lost her mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. Rona was already the walk chair BEFORE her Mom was diagnosed. Before her life was touched so personally and tragically by this nightmare. She is a ball of energy and a really GOOD person. I know. She has shown me in numerous ways. Right now, she is showing all of us her ardor, devotion and willingness to put her body where her mouth is. Rona is BIKING across our great country. That is right: BIKING. She flew from Virginia to San Diego and along with a small group of women, she is riding her bicycle from California to St. Augustine, Florida.

For two months she is putting her body to the test. She is missing work. Missing friends. Missing her husband. Missing walk preparations. Missing life back home. Missing her son. Think of all of the “normal” life things you would do over a two month period. Now think of completely pulling yourself out of the picture. All of the planning and preparation that would have to take place.  Not to mention the physical training and mental preparedness.

She is writing a blog to keep everyone apprised of her journey; http://ronasride.wordpress.com.   I hope you will read her words and also be inspired by her selflessness and dedication.

Please take a moment to read about her amazing strength and send her some words of encouragement. Let her know how thankful you are that she is willing to put her life on hold so that others won’t have to.

The main reason Rona decided to do this ride across so many miles is to spread awareness along the way about Alzheimer’s Disease. Every stop they make, she meets locals and tells them why she is riding and about the need for more help. She is also doing this to raise money. So, if you can, please donate; http://ronasride.wordpress.com/please-donate/  Even if it is only $5. Imagine how much your small (or large) donation will help her as she pedals along through Texas and Mississippi. Imagine the courage and determination this takes. With a click of the button and the sacrifice of a latte you can tell her “thank you.” Rona is paying for her trip with her own funds. 100% of what is donated goes directly to the Alzheimer’s Association.

I am so proud to call Rona a friend and so lucky she is fighting on the same team. Thank you Rona!!! God Speed and enjoy the ride!


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