Happy One Month Anniversary

Today marks one month since releasing my inner thoughts, feelings, shortcomings and emotional roller coaster to the world.  One month ago today I took a deep breath and with the encouragement of a wonderful friend, pressed the button that had the opportunity to help me rise or help me fall even further.

What an amazing venture this has been so far!  Missing Jim has had over 2,600 visits and almost 10,000 page views.  I don’t pretend to be an expert and I am not really completely sure what those numbers mean.  But those in the know seem to be happy and impressed and tell me that is really awesome.  So, I think it is a great start and I am so grateful to all of you that have read our story, have shared our story and who have felt compelled to share your story and words of encouragement.

My parents were just here this past weekend for a visit.  I asked them if they had read the blog.  They had.  They had cried.  They are proud of me.  They think there is a book in all of this.

But the one thing my father told me before he left that struck me as being a direct correlation to writing this all out for the world to take in: “You seem to be handling all this better.  You seem to be doing better.”

Hmmmm.  I am not sure I feel better on the inside, but isn’t it a start to look better on the outside?  Won’t the inside follow suite?  Just like smiling when you talk on the phone or looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself.  Doesn’t that make you smile on the inside? Doesn’t it make you actually happier?

Frances bringing in sunshine to the world.

Frances is a ray of sunshine, 2008.
Courtesy of Patti Brown Photography.

Thank you for helping me look better on the outside.  I need that. I will be better on the inside too.

I love your stories, your questions and your support.  Thank you.  Please keep asking me questions.  I will answer them as best I can.  Please keep sharing your stories, I have been so touched and moved by the outpouring of faith and support from so many of you that are traveling this same road.

There have also been a couple of other BIG things that have possibly come out of this blog.  I am so excited to share them with you as soon as I can.  One deals with treatments for Jim and the other is a possible way for us to take his dream vacation to Alaska this summer.

Stay tuned…


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