Mother’s Day Blessings


Frances and Brad with the quilt she made him. Christmas 2012.

Frances and Brad with the quilt she made him.               Christmas 2012.

Lately it must seem like I am really down and a little depressed. I think I feel those things at times and I think it is completely understandable and completely normal under the circumstances I am living through during this stage in my life.

But I also want to share the moments that I am overtaken with happiness, gratitude and amazement.

There are times when good people do simply wonderful things for others that are never spoken of and never repayable.

We have an amazing friend. She used to teach Frances in elementary school. We became friends outside of the class. She is kind and sweet and I have often wished I were more like her (patient and beautiful; just not fair.) Both kids adore her. THREE weeks ago she had her second baby. THREE WEEKS AGO. Today, she brought both of her children to pick up my children so they could go pick me out something for Mother’s Day. So, let’s be clear here. This completely insane and awesome lady had FOUR children with her going shopping for someone else. How easy would it have been to think about it and say, “that would be nice to do but I just had a baby and it would just be too much.”? No one would have blamed her or would have known any different. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Who does this?  Who takes makes the time, makes the effort, follows through with the plan and does it all with a smile and a hug and a “no worries. I wanted to and I really enjoyed it.” ????

This world we live in is filled with hate and violence and anger and very bad things that are happening all the time.

But this world we live in is equally filled with compassion and support and love and unselfishness.

It is so easy to lose sight of all the good that comes our way. I write about our saga, our journey, and it sometimes seems like there is not only no light at the end of the tunnel, but no end to the tunnel.

Somehow our family is  blessed in the midst of such sorrow. Someone miraculously does a small deed that is HUGE to us. HUGE. I hope those of you reading my words are able to think of someone you know who may need a small, tiny favor  and you are able to help them. Whatever your actions are, be assured that you will make an enormous difference to them. The reward you will reap and the difference your actions make are guaranteed to be well worth the energy you will expend.

Mother’s Day is just two days away. I have already had the best Mother’s Day just by realizing how much others care. As a Mom, I am fortunate beyond measure. My children are what keep me going. My children though are loved by many. They have grandparents, neighbors, teachers, coaches, friends and family that love them and look out for them. I know that if I can’t be there for them, someone will step up and will be. I am comforted and eased by this knowledge. I am relieved to know it not only takes a village but we have a village.

Thank you friends. Thank you teachers. Thank you coaches. Thank you neighbors. Thank you for being surrogate parents for us to Frances and Brad. Thank you for easing my load and for giving me that peace of mind. Thank you for caring about our family. Thank you for being much better than what the news would have us believe.

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