Let the best team win.



I have tears streaming down my face. Not because I am frustrated, upset with Jim or the kids.

Because I feel the support and love and caring of others.

Tonight I was actually just wasting time. Time I usually don’t have. I was scrolling through Facebook, catching up on absolutely nothing important. It was a guilty moment of pleasure that I seldom get these days.

And I saw a post that went to my core. A post that caught me off guard.

Flashback a few days. A couple of mom’s from Brad’s baseball team, which just came together in August, told me they wanted to do a team for the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s. They asked when it was. They said they wanted the boys to be involved because we didn’t have games that weekend. They said they would look into it. I told them I would send them some info. (I haven’t).

Flash forward to tonight. There was a brand new team to our local walk. Brad’s team. 10 and under. Mom’s I know and Mom’s I don’t really know. People I have just met.

People who have lives. Busy lives just like mine with multiple kids doing multiple activities. Kids on teams that are selling stuff to raise money to participate in tournaments. To have a weekend off from games is a luxury. Why would they commit themselves to ANOTHER event? And one they have to FUNDRAISE for? Between schools and ball teams, I feel like I all do is ask people to buy stuff, and then I have my requests for donations to the Alzheimer’s Association. I have a team for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. A team that I have not done one thing with. They are friends that support me no matter what and who are not getting any guidance from their leader. They are on their own. I had just been thinking earlier today that I need to send out an e-mail. I need to get on the ball and raise some money and get it together.

And, instead. I trolled through Facebook for a good 30 minutes. Mind numbing. At 10 o’clock at night.  Awake by myself. And then I saw the post that changed my whole day. I had had a good day. Now I have had a great day. And so have you. Because…

As my Dad keeps telling me, “there are good, kind, caring people out there. You are finding them.”

Yes. I am. When I find them, I am always stunned and amazed. And then the tears come. But it is a good cry. Not a painful cry. Not a “what the Hell am I going to do” cry. Not a feel sorry for myself cry. Not a feel sorry for the kids cry. These are tears of pure amazement and joy.

I wanted to donate to them. And I have a team that I am trying to raise money for. But I don’t mind if they beat my team. It all goes in the same pot, and I kind of think I like the idea of 10 year old baseball players raising the most money for our walk. I don’t mind losing to a bunch of boys. May the best team win….

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