Happy Thanksgiving Week

Thankful-PrintableI am so thankful for so many things. During a time in my life when I could just as easily crawl into a hole, wallow in self-pity or let the anger than sometimes comes knocking take over, I struggle to stay focused on the good things that surround me daily. Each year during this time, there are lists upon lists of all the things much more articulate and witty people are thankful for and I usually agree with 99% of what they say. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful I have a roof over my head, food on my table and health in my body. But those are givens….

My thanks come straight from my heart. There are days I really don’t think I can keep going or that I feel like I am slipping more than I am holding on and some miracle comes into my life to help me get a better grip and to regain a hold on my world.

I start with being thankful for my children. They are what motivates me, inspires me and keeps me smiling. I could write volumes about all they do that makes me proud and thankful, but for now I will just leave it at this.

I am thankful that I have Jim as my husband. He has been the most wonderful man, father, friend and each day he continues to lead our family by example. He shows us all how to put our big pants on, live each day as it comes and do the best you can. He has no expectations and so he is never disappointed. That is all any of us can ask or hope for, no matter what our situation.

I am thankful for my parents and my brother. Without them I just don’t think I would have made it this far. Unconditional love has surrounded me my whole life and they are the reason. I could also write volumes here, but I will spare you (and them).

I am thankful through and through for the people in my life who have made a decision to be in my life, not because they are forced to by blood or marriage. My friends. I am so very fortunate. I have friends in the best possible way….people who aren’t an intermingled clique, but who come in and out of my life as if on cue and for the right reasons. People I met when Frances was taking dance, people I met in 4th grade, people I met when we lived in Las Vegas, when I was in Bermuda, in college, in high school, friends I have recently had the good fortune to find, other parents from the kids’ school,  past and present co-workers, parents from softball and baseball….there are so many. And they understand I am changing. They understand that I am under stress and sometimes not myself. They understand that I sometimes talk too loud, drink too much, stay too long and get too sensitive and they keep me around anyway. They keep welcoming me and I seldom reciprocate and they understand and continue to include me in the fun anyway. I am thankful I have people surrounding me that are smarter than I and are not afraid to share their opinions, thoughts and advice. I am so eternally grateful and forever in debt.

I am thankful for the love and caring that surrounds me day in and day out. Without the small acts of kindness that are bestowed upon our family, I can guarantee you I would not be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be able to write this blog. I probably would have lost my job and my home and at some point, my kids. I just don’t feel like I am strong enough to do all I am capable of without my support system. There are some that I count on almost daily, some weekly and some just a few times a year. It is a marvel really. All of the help and support our family receives is really nothing short of a miracle.

My REAL thanks go to people I don’t know. I thank wholeheartedly the researchers that work so hard to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to go to work everyday and work on something that has no solution. Thank you from someone that thinks of you every day and is pulling for you to one day, come to work and never be needed again.

I thank my fellow advocates. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for sharing your stories and for fighting when there doesn’t seem hope.

Thank you to the other caregivers and care partners that are getting up each day and setting such great examples of how to selflessly give when the person you are sacrificing for doesn’t seem to care if you even exist. THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of those afflicted with some form of dementia that speak out and share your story. Thank you for participating in research studies. Thank you for fighting and doing the best you can each day even though you are scared and frightened. Thank you to those that have paved the path for a better understanding of what we are going through.

Thank you to those that donate time, money and energy to finding a cure to this horrible disease that has taken over my life and so many others’ lives. Thank you for being so generous and for believing that one day, we will all feel a sense of accomplishment. We will feel we were part of the solution that has been found. This blog, our story and our advocacy will become obsolete. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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