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Speaking at the Walk Kick off 2012

Speaking at the Walk Kick off 2012

As I have mentioned many times in my posts, it is going to take EVERYONE helping to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. This is an ugly disease that NO ONE survives. The family members and friends left behind might survive, but they are deeply scarred.

One of the organizations that has helped us and many others, the Alzheimer’s Association, is kicking off their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s campaign. No matter where you live you can participate. There are a couple of different ways to help:

First you can start your own team. Go to and register your team. Once you start a team, ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to join your team. Then you each will raise money. You will be given a link to give others so they can donate, or you can do things like bake sales, raffles, yard sales, car washes, whatever tickles your fancy, to raise money.

Second, you can join someone else’s team. If you would like to join mine, please register here.  If you join my team, Garnering for a Cure,please help our team be the highest fundraiser this year!

If you don’t want to lead a team or join a team, you can simply click here to donate. Every dollar adds up to the next, so no matter the amount, your donation is appreciated and counted!

Any of these works. Our local walk organization is hosting an Alzheimer’s Awareness night at a local baseball college summer league game and will be selling raffle tickets to win a new Toyota Corolla. I have team members that will be selling these tickets, putting cans at work and organizing bake sales to raise money. Use your imagination and involve as many people as you can. If you work at a school, do a school fundraiser. If you work at a bank, ask if you can put out cans for change or maybe sell lemonade one day. If you work at a store, ask if you can have customers round up to the nearest dollar and take the difference for your team. There are lots of ways to raise the money and stay in your comfort zone.

Part of being on the team, is working together to help raise money. This money goes into funding research. This money goes into programs for families like mine that are struggling daily to survive. This money helps provide support groups, awareness and education and so much more. Part of being on a team is having FUN! I had a lot of fun last year working with our team. It is a good feeling when you know you are making a difference and you know that you are helping others.

This is a great time and a great way to get involved as little or as much as you would like (or can). I have so many that reach out to me asking how they can help. Telling me to let them know what they can do to help us. THIS is what you can do.

The Alzheimer’s Association has given  over 3 million dollars to fund research. I can tell you from my own personal story they have helped us in numerous ways and continue to do so. When you get the news that someone you love has a disease that has no cure, no treatment and can last for many, many long years, it is very nice to have someone to turn to. THIS is how you can help.

When you sign up, you are making a difference and you are making a commitment for the End of Alzheimer’s to begin with YOU.

Speaking at the Walk to End Alzheimer's kick off, July 2013.

Speaking at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s kick off, July 2013.

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